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Hi! I’m JJ Carroll, writer extraordinaire, and I’m so happy to meet you. I’m still building my booklist, so I’m also still building my website (umm, that’s this website). Meanwhile, here’s a little about me and where else you can find my work:

I can honestly say that millions of people have read my writing, but I’m sure you’ve never heard of me. That’s because I’m a ghost writer. It means I’ve always written for other people and have no bylines.

Until now.

I decided to start writing for me! Displaced: Both Feet in the Game (see image below) is my debut middle-grade novel and the first of what I hope to make a trilogy. You can buy the book on Amazon. OR you can help to support small brick and mortar bookstores by getting it at Bookshop.org.

I’m also working on another historic series, currently scheduled for release in summer or autumn of 2023. This one doesn’t involve time travel, but does take place in colonial America.

So, if that’s your bag, you can head on over to my other website, Historic Books for Kids, where kids can get lost in time – and where teachers and homeschoolers can find free stuff to help teach kids about history.

If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll get alerts when we post history-related articles for kids, free teaching resources and recommendations for fiction and nonfiction books in this micro genre.

The books in my bookstore can take place any time in history, but I look for well-researched and historically plausible story lines. That way kids can enjoy history without knowing they’re learning something. The age group is generally 8 to 15 (or 3rd – 10th grade), when most kids are learning about those time periods in school.

I hope to see you there. Thanks for checking out my page!


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