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Displaced: Both Feet in the Game

A seventh-grade virtual reality gamer goes on a time-traveling, villain-dodging rescue mission where he could end up trapped in the past forever.

And this time it isn’t virtual. It’s reality.

“Carroll’s novel is fast-paced with well-developed characters… This entertaining time travel adventure should appeal to fans of video games and SF.” – Kirkus Reviews

I’m a career writer with a long history. But corporate stuff is… well… boring. That’s why I took the plunge into fiction. I’m also a voracious reader of historic fiction (with or without time travel). So that’s what I like to write most.

Displaced: Both Feet in the Game  is my debut novel for middle school readers who like time travel, too.

If history is your bag, you can head on over to my other website, Historic Books for Kids, where I present other author’s awesome historic novels and where teachers and homeschoolers can find free stuff to help teach kids about history.

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If you’re a teacher or homeschooler or just enjoy sharing historic books with your child, stop by HistoricBooksforKids.com to find  books, articles, free educational support materials and more.

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3 seventh-grade virtual reality gamers from 2076 go on a time traveling, villain dodging rescue mission with nothing except a bag full of toys from their time for help.

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"One day I woke up and discovered I knew a lot about history. I didn't study it in boring text books; I learned it by reading fun and entertaining novels. Now I do my own research and write fun historic books for the next generation of kids."

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